About KLC





Come take a journey down Kent Lane, where being a mom of a daughter will never be the same. Imagine a place where the perfect outfit is right at the press of your finger tip. Picture being able to select the perfect dress for a playdate, an adorable outfit for school, or something sweet for a lunch date with mom. A place where options are ready, available, classy, chic, and unique. If this sounds good to you, then welcome to Kent Lane where the "one rule is, it has to be cute".

This online boutique specializes in little girl clothing, mainly ranging from 2 years to 8 years old. The inspiration for Kent Lane came from my first family home, which wasn’t big, but filled with love and what we needed. Here is where our family journey began and where the idea was born.  I have built this boutique with the same loving spirit that filled that home. I am a wife and working mother to a precious toddler, so I understand the everyday busyness of mom life. I also understand the excitement and joy that is filled with dressing your little one for everyday occasions.  Kent Lane makes the process of providing unique and stylish pieces, from the brands we love, relaxing and seamless.  Welcome, take a look around and we hope to see you often at Kent Lane.